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Mia is charismatic, loyal, intelligent, confident, keen to please, affectionate and always on duty. 

She has boundless energy and a drive to fetch like no other doggo! 

She is a pedigree working-line shepherd, with a similar outlook and needs to a malinois. 

She does the cutest little dance when asking a human to play with her and gives a cheeky grin when she catches your eye. She is a special dog who needs a specialised home. 

Mia would like adventurous people who seek to train her for her mental enrichment She would excel in dog sports like dock diving, tracking and obedience trials. 

We are seeking a home for her with someone active, who has had a working-bred dog before and who understands that they are more than an add-on to their lives, a dog like Mia is a way of life.

She has good manners, sleeps quietly through the night, is toilet and crate-trained and enjoys learning new tricks. Mia needs her walks and enrichment, but after her needs are met she really likes a comfy spot for a snooze and to be near her people. 

She is very well-behaved in the house and very eager to please. She has lived with high school-aged kids and another dog and loves a ride in the car. If there is anything to get involved in, Mia is there! She is not cat or small animal safe.

To reiterate: this beautiful girl is extremely energetic and has boundless “shepherd must protect “energy! She loves to play fetch and tug-a-war and will show off how fast she is by doing zoomies in the garden.

Medical Notes

Mia is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations and parasite control.

She is in perfect health.

Adoption Details

Our adoption process is about finding people and pets their perfect match. Please email us for an application questionnaire. Your answers help us to ensure the pet you are enquiring about is suitable for your lifestyle.

Please note all our animals are in private foster homes. We do not have a shelter. Therefore all meets are by appointment only.