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There is SO much to love about our beautiful Archie.

Not only does he ooze confidence, friendliness and charisma. He is:

✅ Incredibly affectionate. Archie is a total lap cat and will sit on your lap at every opportunity.

✅ Chatty. Archie loves to talk, he’s a great conversationalist and his little meows are seriously cute.

✅ Very well-mannered. Archie knows not to scratch your couch or the carpet. He uses the cat tree like a pro!

✅ Hilarious! Archie’s zoomies are some of the funniest we’ve ever seen.

✅ Friendly to other animals! Archie’s got awesome manners with other cats and doesn’t mind a cat-savvy dog.

✅ Not a pest when you’re trying to work. Archie is very happy to occupy himself in a sunny corner.

There isn’t a lot not to love with this boy, he is guaranteed to fill your day with joy! For all this goodness, the only thing Archie asks for in return is to not be man-handled. If you continue to pat or handle Archie when he has become overstimulated, he may give a warning nip as a way of communicating his boundaries.

For this reason, Archie is suited for an adult-only home with or without other furr siblings.

Medical Notes

Archie is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and up-to-date with parasite control.

Archie has back pain and is on a very inexpensive medication (gabapentin) to manage it. You would never know he had back pain from looking at him!

Adoption Details

Our adoption process is about finding people and pets their perfect match. Please email us for an application questionnaire. Your answers help us to ensure the pet you are enquiring about is suitable for your lifestyle.

Please note all our animals are in private foster homes. We do not have a shelter. Therefore all meets are by appointment only.