Storm & Banshee

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Storm and Banshee – A pair of lovely girls

Two affectionate and loyal girls are looking for their forever home. 

They have been together since birth and share a special bond that brings out the best in each other. They adore their humans but aren’t needy, finding comfort in each other’s company when you’re not around.

Personality and Behavior:

  • Loyal Companions: These girls are like shadows, always by your side whether you’re gardening, chilling by the fire, or even doing chores. They love to be near you, happy to sit quietly by your side while you have a coffee.
  • Affectionate Duo: When you’re away, Storm and Banshee show their love for each other by snuggling, and playing together. They often rest with a paw on each other, It’s very sweet.
  • Natural Guardians: True to their nature, they will alert you to strangers but are friendly once they see you’ve welcomed the new person. They’re excellent watchdogs without being overly aggressive.
  • Non-Destructive: These girls are well-behaved and won’t dig holes or destroy your furniture. They do, however, have a penchant for socks, so keep those out of reach!
  • Weather: Storm and Banshee are not frightened by bad weather or fireworks. They do of course, prefer to be indoors during extreme weather conditions.
  • Toilet Trained: Both dogs are toilet trained and will sit by the door when they need to go out.

Special Skills and Traits:

  • Good with Children: Raised with four children (ages 1-9), they are gentle and tolerant, even when hassled by little ones. They have never shown aggression, simply moving away when uncomfortable.
  • Limited Interaction with Other Pets: While they haven’t had much interaction with other animals, they seem to have a strong prey drive towards cats.So no cats or small dogs in their homes, please.
  • Respond to Commands: They respond well to their names, come when whistled for, can sit on command, sometimes shake hands, and understand “back” to give space.

These beautiful dogs will make their new humans great friends, couch companions and foot warmers. 

Medical Notes

Storm & Banshee are desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations and parasite control.

Both are in perfect health.

Adoption Details

Our adoption process is about finding people and pets their perfect match. Please email us for an application questionnaire. Your answers help us to ensure the pet you are enquiring about is suitable for your lifestyle.

Please note all our animals are in private foster homes. We do not have a shelter. Therefore all meets are by appointment only.