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Henry is a joyous little ball of emotional staffy energy and love. He epitomises the reason staffies are so popular. He loves his people more than anything and is adorable, well-mannered, friendly and loves kids. 

He is very affectionate, loves all people and will want to be with you wherever you are. He’s energetic and loves walks, playing tug and chasing balls. Cuddles on the couch are his favourite. He’s been an inside dog for most of his life and is fine being left inside for long periods by himself (eg a work day). 

He would suit a young single/couple or family with older children. He’s been trained to sleep on his dog bed, but would love to cuddle in bed if allowed. He currently gets 2 walks per day (averaging around 20 min each). He eats dry food only, and is healthy, microchipped and vaccinated. 

 He doesn’t like being left outside on his own and will bark/whine to be let in. He doesn’t get along with other dogs off lead, and will get into a fight with a dog that won’t leave him alone. On lead, he is generally sociable with most dogs as long as they are non-threatening. He would not suit a home with cats or other pets.  

He’s toilet trained, knows basic commands and is very responsive to treats. He sometimes pulls on the lead looking for food but will stop and stay stationary with the walker when prompted. 

He is a gorgeous little nugget who will be a great mate for his new person/people.

Medical Notes

Henry is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations and parasite control.

He is in perfect health.

Adoption Details

Our adoption process is about finding people and pets their perfect match. Please email us for an application questionnaire. Your answers help us to ensure the pet you are enquiring about is suitable for your lifestyle.

Please note all our animals are in private foster homes. We do not have a shelter. Therefore all meets are by appointment only.