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Charlie has a playful zest for life. He can do zoomies like a puppy, loves a game of tug and is a fabulous hiking buddy enjoying walks up to 10km.

He has perfect house manners, and aside from loving to dismantle his stuffed toys, he’s a dream to have inside. Despite his active nature, with a 30-60 min walk in the morning, he copes well at home whilst you go to work, and he quietens down and rests peacefully on his bed on command in the evening, or would love to cuddle with you on the couch – once he gets to know you.

Charlie lacks confidence with new situations and people. He needs time to acclimatise and a calm human on the other end of the leash. He can sometimes get overstimulated, so making sure others interact with him gently and slowly to begin with is a must, including any visitors to the home.

Charlie is not used to being around other dogs and becomes very anxious when dogs are nearby. He needs to be kept on lead and is learning to calmly sit or walk past other dogs, but still needs a little bit of distance. He’s progressing very well at dog school and would love to continue training on leash around other dogs to help him practise being calm when out and about. He knows sit, down, come, all-finished, off, go to bed and his release words (free/yes) and he is working on ‘give’.

Charlie is best suited to someone interested in progressing his training who understands he will take time to gain confidence around people and dogs and is able to help him through new situations without getting frustrated. He’s quite obedient once he knows what to do, he just needs a hand (and time) to learn how to act.

Charlie is not suited to a home with other dogs, pets or children.

Best feature: Affectionate and loving

Guilty pleasure: Snacking on kangaroo poop

Toxic trait: Demanding pats with his pointy nose

Favourite activity: Parading around the house with toys

Hates: Being wet (insists on licking himself dry)

Medical Notes

Charlie is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations and parasite control.

He is in perfect health.

Adoption Details

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